Bloom Marketing

About us

where it started

During the lockdowns of 2020, we started seeing new businesses and start ups springing up. Ideas were flourishing but people didn’t always have the tools to make their business bloom. We wanted to help. And so, Bloom Marketing was born. 


We have lots of experience in working with food and farming businesses plus events, venues, campsites, holiday homes, kennels and more.

Friendly, honest marketing for small businesses.

Our aim is to be accessible to, and help, everyone that we can. We’re a small team with plenty of passion for your projects, however far along they may be.

If you have the start of something special, or need a helping hand with your business, we would love to chat about how we can help!

how we do things

Now, let’s start off on the right foot; we’re not coders. We don’t speak coding language and we build using tools that we know (really well). So if it’s a bespoke system you’re looking for, we may not be the team for you. But on the upside, we’re able to offer informative, eye catching and very usable websites for an affordable cost. If you’d like to know more about this, please ping us an email. 🙂

Meet the team


Director of Fun + Marketing Chief

Holly has an experienced background in food marketing with a passion for good grub, locally sourced ingredients and proper produce. She specialises in logo design & branding, web design, copywriting, email marketing and recipe development. If you would like to talk to her about your business, work out a plan on how to reach new customers and connect with people online then pop her an email.


Marketing Guru + Wizard of Mic Drop Moments

Ellie has enthusiasm for copywriting and engaging social media content. With over 10 years experience in the agricultural, farming, food and pet sector, in both sales and marketing, Ellie can help drive your business forward and create meaningful content to captivate your customers. Get in contact with Ellie to find out how she can help your business communicate better with effective and engaging ideas.


Master of Photography

Emily started her photography business in 2012, so you could say she’s an old hand at this kind of thing. She specialises in agricultural and business photography, with a passion for helping others.

‘I always go into commercial photo shoots intending to show the skillset involved and the ambition behind the products or services. I love business; from a young age, I found the behind-the-scenes of businesses exciting and finding out about what makes each company unique is vital. Making sure each business can truly showcase its personality through my photos is extremely important to me; I believe that great photos are a huge part of a successful brand.’